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BendSafe® Fiber

BendSafe® Fiber

Although standard SCP fibers provide a solution for significantly enhancing optical fiber mechanical properties, they suffer the limitation of working only in closed optical networks. This is because it is very difficult to remove the unique P-coating and this in-turn limits backward compatibility with ordinary optical fibers. This is where POFC’s unique BendSafe® technology comes in.

BendSafe® fibers have been created to meet the requirements for general purpose applications. Technically, BendSafe® is derived from SCP technology except that different polymer materials have been developed to replace the P-coating material. Furthermore, BendSafe® adheres to the same physical structure as conventional optical fibers, thus insuring backward compatibility with ordinary optical fibers and ensuring ease of adoption in any optical network. As a result, BendSafe® fibers maintain optical performance while improving optical fiber mechanical properties in the same way as the SCP fibers shown below.