About POFC

POFC Background, Value System, Core Competence, Quality & Environment Policy

POFC Background

Prime Optical Fiber Corporation is, in Taiwan Hsinchu Science Industrial Park in June 1991, using an optical fiber manufacturing technology by the US AT & T Bell Lab of MCVD, the first in Asia excluding Japan at that time It was established as an optical fiber manufacturer. About 10 years later around the year 2000, the spread of the Internet such as Europe and North America advanced, and in March 2002 it was listed as the first optical communication industry company in the Taiwanese stock market. 

In addition to manufacturing fiber optic preforms, we have independently developed the drawing of optical fiber and we have the technology to mass-produce optical fibers with strong resistance to bending and low loss. Currently, we are focusing on R & D of special fiber products as the market changes. Optical fibers are now being used in various fields and applications, and it is necessary to manufacture specialized fibers customized according to customer's needs. Typical applications include aviation, navigation of aerospace, optical amplifiers, fiber laser, germanium photon conductivity, optical fiber sensing, factory automation, optical medical equipment, audio, video streaming, etc. a wide range of our optical fiber used.

Core Competence

INNOVATION and DIFFERENTIATION are the cores of our competence.From product development to field service, INNOVATION makes POFC a leader while DIFFERENTIATION makes POFC a unique leader.

QUALITY POLICY:『Continuous improvement to ensure the best quality』

Value Systerm

  • Company Vision: Become the leading brand of optical communication and special optical fiber transmission media.
  • Company positioning: Provides a variety of customized solutions for optical connection technology

  • Compliance with regulations:  Pollution prevention, continuous improvement, and green products

  • Corporate culture: Create value, perseverance, customer support, build win-win relationship".


1991 Established the first and remains the sole optical fiber manufacturer in Taiwan. 

1996 Acquired SGS ISO-9002 certification. 

1999 Produced MM GGP fiber for 3M 1999-2001. 

2000 Joined 3M FTTD strategic alliance project. 

2002 Publicly listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange (trading no. 2496) 

2004 Relocated to new factory of 10,000 square meter floor space in HSIP Chunan.

2004 Winner of TOCIA Excellence in Technology by High Temperature MCVD Erbium Doped Fiber Preform and Fiber Fabrication Process Technology 

2005 Became 3M's GGP fiber patent licensee and supplier. 

2006 Released BendSafe TM fiber and cable product line. 

2007 BendSafe TM fiber/cable was qualified by CHT for the FTTH project. 

2009 Acquired SGS ISO-9001(2008 version) 

2010 Released the first in the market of a release eco-friendly "Fiber-in-the-Box" package for the Bendsafe TM optical cable product line. 

2011 Acquired SGS ISO-14000 (2004 version) 

2012 Renamed "Success Prime Corporation" 

2014 Certified by Chunghwa Telecom ODN Optical Fiber Cables 

2016 Shareholders agreed, Capital Reduction and Increase Private Equity Cash 

2017 Obtained 100% shares of Chen Li Education Co., Ltd.

2020 Transfer of fiber related business from Success Prime Corporation to Prime Oprical Fiber Corporation