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Surveillance systems have evolved from analog to digital, using high definition and PTZ cameras, to detect, record, process and decode images in real time. In order to satisfy the needs of long distance transmission, real time image processing and high speed data storage, optical cable provides a number of benefits including long-distance, high-bandwidth, and low-transmission-loss communications over reliable transmission media immune from Electro-magnetic Interference (EMI) and offering low power consumption compared to transmission over copper cables. For distances less than 300m, multimode fiber (MMF) BendSafe® boxed cable is ideal; for distances over than 300m, single-mode fiber (SMF) BendSafe® boxed cable is the product of choice.

For more details about how to structure your system, please refer to the “Surveillance System over Fiber Cable” application note.

Products for Surveillance

BendSafe® boxed cable: MMF 2C; 305m and 1000m

BendSafe® boxed cable: SMF 2C; 305m and 1000m.

Digital Signage

Digital signage refers to the use of digitally powered signs such as plasma display panels, LCDs, kiosk stations, computer monitors and normal televisions to replace and enhance traditional media. Digital signage is revolutionizing the commercial media industries by allowing the centralized and rapid update of content and its immediate delivery to targeted audiences in specific locations. Moreover, digital signage enables the control and transmission of multiple advertisements on one platform, thereby exponentially increasing revenue production per display, not to mention allowing for enormous savings in printing costs and production time. 

Optical cable is the transmission medium favored for applications in digital signage that involve high bandwidth, require long distance HD AV transmission and complete immunity to EMI, and POFC’s BendSafe® products are the cable of choice for these applications. Optical transmission provides network-independent performance without downtime or transmission lags, transporting the required media over extended distances of up to 20 kilometers, without repeaters. Optical communications also offer strong benefits in power savings. All these factors make it ideal for enabling digital signage installations.

Products for Digital Signage

BendSafe® boxed cable: MMF 2C; 305m and 1000m.

BendSafe® boxed cable: SMF 2C; 305m and 1000m.

Home Theater

Internet TV and HD video streaming is growing in importance. These high bit rate video signals can only travel over copper up to around 30 meters without amplification. Transmission beyond 30 meters requires optical cable. The transition to 100% DTV and HDTV has created the need to transport signals with bit rates as high as 5 Gbps. With this high bit rate demand, BendSafeTM boxed cable with MMF is the ideal choice to replace coaxial cables

Many home theater systems offer the ability for expansion to accommodate additional devices in the home network. These include satellite receivers or other types of devices such as a streaming media box to send the audio and video signals to another room. Fiber optics connectivity is the preferred choice for enabling these types of deployments.

Products for Home Theater

BendSafe® boxed cable: MMF 1~ 2C; 305m and 1000m.

Video Wall

A video wall consists of multiple displays tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen. Typical display technologies include LCD panels, LED arrays, and rear projection screens.

Since multiple display devices are typically placed and connected closely, the challenge of reducing cross talk and interference among devices becomes an important consideration. In addition, the distance between the control room to the video wall can be long; POFC’s BendSafe®3mm boxed cable is the perfect choice to satisfy any needs in Video Wall deployment, allowing for high quality transmission and low power consumption.

Products for Video Wall

BendSafe® boxed cable: MMF 2C; 305m and 1000m.

BendSafe® boxed cable: SMF 2C; 305m and 1000m.