Boxed Cable - Unreel multi-mode fiber optic cable in a box

BendSafe® Unreel Multi mode Fiber Optic Cable in Box

Unreel Multi mode fiber optic cable in a box - 1~12 fibers cable OD3.0mm, 24 fibers cable OD3.2mm.

The box cable is very light-weight unreel type. Installer easy handle cables. Also one person can work “Save time, save manpower and save cost”

Application & Features


◆ Data Center

◆ Digital Signage

◆ Cable is small, available through same as the electric cable pipe

◆ Unreel design, No need to wire rack for installation

◆ Box is small size and light-weight, save shipping cost  and save storage space

◆ Easy to dispose green carton package


◆ RoHS

◆ ITU-T G651.1 / OM2, OM3, OM4

   EIA/TIA 455, IEC60794